Michael Berceanu

Photographer in Melbourne, Australia

Bluescreen Compositing

Bluescreen, what is it?

Bluescreen software offers two advantages for creating seamless image composites:
1. Speed.
2. Believable image blends, even with very complex objects.

Stitching Panoramas

Something great has happened in photographic imaging recently and it has gone almost unnoticed in many quarters. The new ability to seamlessly stitch together a number of images has produced a new and exciting creative device for photographers with a bit of digital savvy. We look at how it is done, what to avoid and some of the little tricks that we have learned along the way.

Artefacts in Digital Imaging

Digital Imaging Artefacts are unwelcome and unnatural elements or distortions in the reproduction. While they abound in reproductions of all kinds, they often go unnoticed perhaps because we are so used to them. Problems that we perceive in images are often the result of several causes combined, but let’s try to look at some of the more prominent ones individually.

WebVise Totality

Graphics for the World Wide Web

For some time there has been a need for a comprehensive software package to create image files specifically for web use, but it’s only recently that several commercial vendors have joined the pioneering shareware writers in meeting this market’s needs.