Michael Berceanu

Photographer in Melbourne, Australia

Bluescreen Compositing

Bluescreen, what is it?

Bluescreen software offers two advantages for creating seamless image composites:
1. Speed.
2. Believable image blends, even with very complex objects.

Painting Digital Camera Images


MetaCreations’ Painter 5 has some truly amazing tools for creating artwork that looks just like what you’d produce with natural media such as oil paint, water colours, crayons, chalk and a whole lot more. But more interesting to me and perhaps to you too, is what can be done to digital photographs with this software. There’s a mind blowing array of avenues along which Painter 5 can take you, but here I ‘m concentrating on just one: directly converting a digital photo to a painting. (more…)

How I Created the Sharks Composite Image.

In working up an image, the first thing I always do is to sketch the idea, in part to crystallise my thoughts but also to create a usable layout. This is particularly helpful with scaling and positioning. I also scribble notes on the layout for future reference. To capture the original images, a kind friend allowed me the use of his pool and another (yes I have two friends!) loaned me a Nikonos underwater camera. It was obvious that the most difficult image was going to be that of the little girl struggling in the water, so that’s where I started. (more…)